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Water Scale and Rust Stains

It clogs up our faucets, leaves behind unsightly rust stains, and can alter the way our water tastes. We're talking about all the little particles and other things you can find in your home's water supply. And no matter whether you are on a well or municipal water supply everyone has something in their water. Now obviously well water will tend to come with more problems than city water, but the results can often be the same. This month we are going to look at the effects water, or the particles in your water can have on your home and what you can do about it. 

The most common problem we see when it comes to sediment or particles in the water is what is left behind on things like your faucet aerator or shower head. These devices have small holes where water passes through and are easily found to clog up with sediment and scale. You could just buy a new aerator or shower head, but there is a more cost effective way of dealing with this problem. Simply remove your aerator or shower head and use a descaling product such as CLR to break down the scale and make them flow at full force again. Check out the video below to see how!

Another problem with water scale and sediment is found in a place you may often forget about or don't know about at all because it goes unseen. This is in your home's water heater. Scale and sediment can build up and either create hot spots (In a gas water heater) or decrease the life of an electric water heater element. In both cases the life of your water heater can be greatly reduced and make the water heater less efficient. There is an easy process that you can do to help increase the life of your water heater. First, it's a good idea to turn off your the power or gas to your water heater. We recommend you check your owners manual for manufacturer recommendations. Simply attach a garden hose to the drain valve of your water heater. You can drain the water into a five gallon bucket, a floor drain, sump pit, or outside. You don't want to drain the entire water heater, just enough to stir up the sediment in the bottom of the tank so that it can exit through the valve. Do this 2-4 times a year and you can greatly extend the life of your water heater.  For more questions regarding water scale and sediment stop in and talk to one of our expertly trained employees, we're here to help!

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