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Spring Lawn Care

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and spring is in the air! After a long cold winter it is finally time to start thinking and doing some outside lawn care projects. And even though the grass is still dormant, now is a great time to get a head start making your lawn look amazing come late spring and summer! Mr. Friendly has got some tips for fertilizing, weed control, and pest control.

One of the easiest things any homeowner can do to have a thick healthy lawn is to feed your lawn. Paterson's has you covered in lawn fertilizers! Whether you are looking at doing a whole season 4-5 step fertilizer program or you just want to give your lawn a shot of fertilizer every season, we're here to help you navigate the array of choices and types of fertilizers. 4 or 5 step programs are a great way to save on multiple bags of fertilizer, lawn remedies, and helping you to know when to fertilize. Here is a great way to remember when to fertilize your lawn or apply the correct problem solvers. Remember the four major spring/summer holidays. Easter (Crabgrass prevent + fertilizer), Memorial Day (Weed and Feed), 4th of July (Fertilizer), and Labor Day (Winterizer).

For now let's focus on your first fertilizer application and crabgrass. Crabgrass is that nasty grassy weed that pops up in your yard in large unattractive patches. When left unchallenged it can spread throughout your yard and choke out surrounding grass. The easiest way to stop crabgrass is to keep it from germinating with a crabgrass preventer. Crabgrass preventers can be found mixed in with fertilizers or packaged with only the preventer and no fertilizer. You can apply crabgrass preventer anytime now until approximately mid-may. Once crabgrass has germinated preventers won't be able to stop them from continuing to grow. 

Scotts 4-Step Fertilizer Program

Scotts 4-Step Lawn Care Program

Scotts 4-Step fertilizer program offers high quality fertilizers for greener thicker lawns. Step 1 has your crabgrass preventer and step 2 kills broadleaf weeds like dandelions. Available in 5,000 and 15,000 Sq. Ft. sets. Call Paterson Do it Best for pricing.

Jonathan Green 5 Step Lawn Program

Jonathan Green 5-Step Lawn Program

Jonathan Green 5 -Step fertilizer program goes beyond your typical fertilizer programs with added products "Love Your Soil" and "Mag-I-Cal" to help improve your soil and your lawn. Step 1 has your crabgrass preventer and step 2 kills broadleaf weeds like dandelions. Available in 5,000 and 15,000 Sq. Ft. sets. Call Paterson Do it Best for pricing.

The last few winter seasons have been mild. When temperatures don't stay cold for long and the ground doesn't freeze it gives bugs a higher chance of survival. Because of that we have seen an increasing number of japanese beetles out in the summer and they can create a ton of damage to plants and lawns. Japanese beetles start in your soil as grubs and transform into beetles. When left alone grubs feast on the roots of your grass leaving large brown dead spots in your lawn. To confirm if the dead spots are caused by grubs simply pull back a portion of the dead sod and you will see grubs laying underneath the sod.

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