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Drain Care

One of the most common problems we help solve is for slow or plugged drain lines. Now, there isn't one product that is going to cover all your drain care needs. In fact you'll want to be sure you are using the correct product or you could do some serious damage to your drains or even yourself. But don't let that stop you. With a little knowledge and advice we can help you get that drain unstuck and flowing freely!

Let's start with some chemical free drain clearing methods. Whenever possible I like to start here because it's safer, reduces the chance of causing damage to pipes, and it's better for the environment.  The first thing you can try when you have a clogged or slow flowing drain is to run a drain snake or auger to break loose the clog. There are different types of drain snakes with varying diameters and lengths. Some are designed specifically for certain drain applications such as a toilet cleaner, while others can be used in many applications. Another popular type of drain cleaning tool is the Zip It Tool. It is a great tool for diving down in to drain traps and grabbing things like hair and dragging them back out of the opening. Check out the video below on how to use the Zip It Tool! The last chemical free option is an enzyme based drain cleaner like Drain Care. Safe on all pipes and better for the environment, it is a great option for cleaning out build up on slow running drains. It's not a fast acting drain cleaner, but rather it slowly eats away at build up all around the pipe. Drain Care is excellent as a monthly preventative care.

Drain Snakes

Another option for clearing out a clogged drain is to use a chemical drain opener. Before you start pouring chemicals down your drain there are a few things you will want think about or have ready. First depending on the type of drain lines you have (metal or plastic) and the age and condition of the drains you may not want or be able to use a chemical drain opener as they can damage your pipes.  Secondly in order for most drain cleaners to work there needs to be at least some water movement so that the chemical can reach the problem area, or depending on the situation you'll want to remove as much of the water as you can. This can be done by using a wet/dry vac to suck the water out of the line. Some drain cleaners you actually DO NOT want to add to water as they can react to water and burst and splash back at you. Which brings us to the most important part, your personal safety. It's always a good idea to wear chemical resistant gloves and eye protection before you starting using drain cleaners. 

Now that we are ready to go, you want to start by choosing a drain cleaner that works specifically for the problem you have. If you believe your clog is caused by things like hair, soap scum, or grease there are drain cleaners that are specificly made to clear out these substances. Note: Most drain cleaners are NOT to be used in toilets so be sure you check the product to make sure that it is safe for toilets. Tree roots are also a common culprit in causing drain problems and can be remedied with a root killer and followed by a sewer line cleaner once the roots have died. 

If you have tried using a snake and a chemical drain cleaner and you are still experiencing problems it's probably a good idea to go ahead and call a professional. It's not a good idea to continually repeat with more chemical cleaner applications as this can do damage. Also, NEVER try adding another kind of drain cleaner as the two different types could react with one another and create an extremely dangerous situation. 

For more questions about clogged drains feel free to call us or stop by and talk to one of our trained employees. We'll be glad to help!

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